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Eventide Marine and its division, Dive and Adventure are owned and operated by Tony and Lisa who met in the early nineties during scuba diving.
Our passion and love for the ocean was the reason for making this business our primary line of work.
Tony’s background stems from being a surf lifeguard then an instructor in the South African Navy. 

Lisa got her skipper’s license for vessels over nine meters over 30 years ago and also stems from an instruction background. Her patience and attention for detail and strict administrative skills makes us a very successful team.

We are both SAMSA appointed examiners for skippers training and NAUI or CMAS dive members.
It is our aim to continue to offer this service to the public that would like to complete their skippers or dive training with us.

We do annual boat inspections and Seaworthy Certifications for Category B to Category R vessels

Experience helps our clients achieve safe and informed skippers or scuba divers.

Skippers Courses

We offer SAMSA approved Skippers Training over weekends at the Gordons Bay.

We do SAMSA approved Examinations and Surveys of power driven vessels up to 9 metres. Read MORE

Boat Surveys

We do annual boat inspections and Seaworthy Certifications for Category B, C, D, E and R vessels.

All vessels must be inspected annually or with change of ownership.
Vessels are inspected by appointment only.

Scuba Diving

Our Dive and Adventure division run regular dive charters in the False Bay area both on Gordons Bay and Simonstown sides.

We offer NAUI and CMAS International Diver Training in accordance with NAUI and CMAS International Diver Training Certification.

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